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Q: Where do you get the fabric to make your products?
A: Multiple sources! Thrift shops is our primary source of fabric. We also accept donations of clothing and fabric remnants. (You know those pajamas or curtains you were going to make... but never got around to? Yes, we can use that fabric!) We also purchase fabric from garage sales.

Q: If I am cleaning out my closets, can I give you what we no longer wear/fit?
A: Please contact us to see if we have space to accept your donations. We would be happy to come to you and sort what you have into what we forsee being able to use and what we can not use.

Q: What can't you use?
A: There isn't much we can't use. Undergarments, socks, bras and outerwear are on the can't use list.

Q: Do you hire interns?
A: If you are a business, marketing or fashion design major in need of an internship, please
contact us!

Q: What types of payment do you accept?
A: We accept cash, check (local) and credit cards. 

Q: How long does it take for a custom order?
A: Typically turn around is two to three weeks. We strive to maintain or better that lead time, but we will not rush a custom order to meet that deadline. We want it done right, and sometimes that means we have to find just the right fabrics to add into a custom. 

Q: How can I place a custom order?
A: Please use the contact us form for information.

Q: What does "custom order" mean exactly ?
A: "Custom order" is when you, the customer, commission us to make a piece specifically for you. You may provide the base fabric(s) to be used; old concert t-shirt, sports theme, college theme, favorite old children's clothing, loved one's items that have passed on, outgrown clothing you still love...  
Q: What do you do when you need a certain color and you just don't have it?
A: We keep on searching! We refuse to settle for a less-than-perfect color combination.  

Q: Do you ever use anything that is brand new?
A: The only "new" items we purchase for our product line are thread, elastic and velcro. There are times where there is "new" fabric used, but it is fabric that has been donated to us (someone cleaning out their storage room) or has been found at a thrift store/garage sale.  

Q: Why can't I order from your website?
A: At this time we do not have an e-commerce website. We are planning one for the future. In the meantime, please shop our retail locations and public events to purchase eFrog products.

Did we miss something? Please feel free to send us any questions you may have!

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